Apple Cider Doughnut Dog Burglar!

15 Nov

My name is Bella and yes – I did eat the doughnuts! It really wasn’t my fault they smelled divine and looked so yummy! Plus they were right there on the edge of the table, what’s a girl to do?! I must say they tasted delicious! My HM mom can always tell when I take something without asking. I guess doughnut ears is a big give away along with me licking my lips!!

Gee I only ate 2 1/2 sumptuous donuts, I do have to watch my figure you know. Being a model and all I have to keep in shape. I am truly sorry……….. I will try to keep my paws to myself next time I see something very tempting!

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…..away, The Poodles Will Play!

16 Oct

There’s an old saying ” While the cat’s away the mice will play” well I have a new saying “While the Humans are away the poodles will play”! Oh my………..

Ahhh I guess we look a little too happy. We really should put on our “we’re sorry face”,  or at least look a little ashamed of ourselves! It really was a good plan. Bella had it all figured out!

We just finished dinner that our HS (Human Sister) made for us. It was very good! Our HM and HD went away for a long weekend and were due back in about an hour. Our HS bought some delicious smelling Chinese food! Oh divine!! She had some of our favorites; egg rolls, beef fried rice, crab rangoons and sesame beef. Bella said I should just go down the street for a little while and play with Shadow, our neighbors dog. That would give her a chance to get all that pawlicious food on the table. She also said she would save me some.  Bella would put it in my “room” (crate) because I know that’s where I’ll be going once I get home again! This isn’t our first rodeo! Well the plan sounded good to me!

We were let out and I did my business very quickly and away I went! I usually take longer than Bella because I like to go into the woods and sniff around.  So it wouldn’t seem unusual when I didn’t come back in right away.  I also had to run very fast because I had that stupid invisible fence collar on. Boy did I luck out – the batteries must have been low and Shadow was out!! We were having so much fun playing in the rain!  It wasn’t too long before my HS came driving down the street to retrieve me. We hardly had anytime to play! But on the other hand I couldn’t wait to get to my room for some yummy food!

Well guess who ate it all and didn’t share? Yes my sweet little Bella! She said she just didn’t have time to get in into my room. I told her, next time….. I’m staying put!



Holy Mackerel, wait to you meet Kip!!

14 Sep

We are happy to introduce to you our first Guest Pet that lives in water! Meet Kip the beautiful swimmingly handsome fellow! He lives with his two fish sisters and his HM (Human Mom) of course. He’s quit a smart little guy, I guess us poodles aren’t the only ones who can do tricks! Come to find out, your favorite food is my least favorite!! Ask your HM for some peanut butter, it’s one of my favorites and it might become yours! Hey Kip – I don’t know how you do it, living in water all the time.  I’m not fond of water myself, I don’t even like walking on the grass when it is wet!

High paws to you or should I say high fins!!

Nick Name : Kip
Date of Birth : 1yr
Breed : Beta Fish
Scale Color : red and orange
Fin Color: orange
Eye Color : black
Favorite Toy : turtle
IQ : smart
Tricks : jumping out of nets, hides behind his turtle, fast swimmer and backward flips
Favorite Foods : brine shrimp and cheese
Least Favorite Foods : hot dogs
Favorite Activities : backward flips, hide and go seek and likes to swim through obstacle courses
Least Favorite Activity : getting his house cleaned, he doesn’t like moving out while his tank gets cleaned
Favorite Color : ocean blue
Best Friend : Sandy and Groovy his fish sisters


My fishmates!

Thank you Kip for being our first Fish Guest Pet!!

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Just a Peanut Butter Lover or Peanut Butter Thief…..

23 Aug

Well it looks like I got caught…….

I see a Peanut Butter jar and I have a hard time controlling myself! Now I usually wait until no one is home or when everyone is asleep.  But today I thought I would try a new adventure! My HM (Human Mom) was busy cooking or so I thought…. and my HD (Human Dad) was watching TV.

So right there on the counter – in plain daylight – was my favorite ooy, gooy, sticky stuff called peanut butter! I sat very still and watched it for a while. I needed a plan! I knew exactly what to do, when my HM went to the pantry, that would be my cue to quietly and quickly grab the jar off the counter! I was so excited I started to drool……

The time came and I put my plan into action!

OHHHH this is soooo delicious!!!

Ahhhh ……….. what????

I think my plan work pretty good……….

You see I didn’t get caught until it was all gone!  BOL WYT

I’m trying very hard not to smile………….

Amber – One Colorful Girl!

10 Aug

Oh la la Amber!! You are one beautiful colorful girl! Bella said it’s a girls pawrogative to change the way she looks! That must be a lot of fun. I bet you are very colorful and sparkly around the Holidays!

Boy I agree with you, lemons taste awful! My HM one time squirted some lemon juice in my mouth when I found a dead bird and wouldn’t let it go. I dropped that bird real fast once I tasted that sour stuff! Do you know they make a drink with lemons called lemonade, who would want to drink that?! Not us, right Amber?

We like your glitzy style and think you are one razzle-dazzle girl! Shine on girl!


Nick Name : Amber – everyone seems to think I was named for my color, but I was named after grammy’s favorite patient she cared for when she was nursing
Date of Birth : August 26, 2002 Wow, am I really that old?
Breed : Toy Poodle person, yes I do believe I am people
Hair Color : Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Sparkley, Fun! But I am  a natural apricot
Eye Color : Dark Brown
Favorite Toy : Small fuzzy kitten toys
IQ : I AM a poodle, do you really need to ask?
Tricks : Be Cute!
Favorite Foods : Anything soft and meaty, or anything mommy is eating
Least Favorite Foods : Lemons, yes I licked one once
Favorite Activities : Being cute! Getting attention and love from people!
Least Favorite Activity : Getting my nails trimmed.
Favorite Tug-a-war Toy : Are you kidding? I am a princess, I don’t play Tug-a-war
Favorite Color : I would have to say Purple, mommy says it’s my colpr!
Best Friend : Peoples is my besties, no dogs, no kittens, no birdies, just peoples. I guess my pitbull brother Oscar, St Poodle sister Teddy Monster and kitty pals Sugar and Smudge can be on the list too.
Thank you so much for sharing your vibrant, brillant flashy self with us! We hope you have a GREAT birthday, eat lots of cake!!
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Murphy – The “Golden Boy”

20 Jul

Wow!! Murphy with all of your tricks have you considered being an act in Las Vegas, joining the circus or how about America’s Got Talent!?? We are very impressed! Bella is over the moon with your beautiful curly locks, I’m a little jealous………….

Raw lamb bones, need we say anything more……… yummy! Do you like those big marrow bones, we like those too! Our HM takes all the good stuff out of the middle though……

A HUGE BOL to Murphy for being a Therapy Dog! You must make so many people smile with your charming furry self! You are doing a wonderful service and you can’t put a paw tag on that! We are so proud of you!

My name is: Murphy Mierzwa….My friends call my “Murphy Man”

Born: June 6

I am a Goldendoodle

I have dark brown eyes

My favorite toy is my red ball (my mom bought several because I panic if I can’t find it)

My Mom says I am a smart boy

Tricks….I love tricks!

My bag of Tricks

Sit, Lay, Stay

Circle, Spin my Mom

Weave, Tunnel

Speak, Play dead

I can do all my commands by hand signal no words

I do a game where I do all my commands by reading flash cards (really my mom helps by signals)

Take a Bow, Kiss my wife (Sophia is my best girl)

I wave Hi and shake hands

I turn out the lights

I come and heal

I walk backwards and I do the conga

I pray

My best trick is I pretend I am sleeping when I am not!


My Favorite Food…Frozen Raw Lamb Bones

Least Favorite…anything new..I like my routine

Favorite Activity…Performing for children

Favorite tug a war Toy…A homemade braided fleece rope mom made with three leads for all three of us dogs to play

Favorite Color…RRRRED

Best Friend…My Mom…But I really love my dad too!

My wish is to meet Bella and Finny!

Thank you Murphy for sharing your smart wonderful pawsome self with us!
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Meet the aristocratic and dignified Bingley!

15 Jul
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a treat in each paw!
There are so many fun facts about Bingley! Let’s start with the fact he’s named after a character from the novel Pride and Prejudice.  Bingley does not seem to be the spineless indecisive man as the character in the book! We think he’s a pretty smart guy!
Now Bingy-boy, I understand you like pie and so do we, but you mustn’t eat the chocolate pie, chocolate is bad for us poodles, well all dogs for that matter.
It must be a guy thing because I can open the trash can too  (even though it has a lock on it) I can open the front door as well. Hey Bingy have you ever tried taking the top off a peanut butter jar? Try it sometime, it’s pretty easy and Peanut Butter taste pawlicious!
We loved getting to know you Bingley! Have fun in your “Intro to Dog Sports” classes and it takes a VERY smart poodle to play dumb! High Paws to you Bingley!

Nickname: I can’t read, but Mom tells me and everybody else that I am named after Mr. Bingley in Pride and Prejudice, a novel (whatever that is) by somebody named Jane Austen. Mom calls me Mr. Bing, Bingers, Bingy, Bing-boy, and Bingy-boy or Bingy-boo. At daycare, they sometimes call me Bing-a-ling, which I think is vaguely insulting.
Date of birth: May 17, 2009
Breed: standard poodle
Hair color: apricot
Eye color: brown
Favorite toy: My blue Kong squeaky ball
IQ: I don’t know for sure, I but I think it’s pretty high! I know how to open the trash can, drag things off of the counter, open the back yard gate if the latch is loose, and how to tell when it is safe to steal stuff from the kitchen counter. I am also learning some new tricks at our “Intro to Dog Sports” class! I know how to play dumb on some things, though. I pretend to not understand what “come” means when it’s time to go home, but I’m not ready to leave the dog park.
Tricks: So far, I know how to sit, stay, down, wait, shake paws, jump up on a table, and go through a tunnel. I think that rolling over is undignified, and I refuse to do it.
Favorite foods: hotdogs and pie–I love it when Mom leaves something she’s baked cooling on the counter. I have gotten to eat zucchini-pineapple bread, and three kinds of pie (sweet potato, peach, and chocolate) that way. I also like fruit and pizza.
Least favorite foods: None–I like everything!
Favorite activities: I love to go out with Mom and meet new people, so that everyone can love me and pet me. Why not? I deserve all the attention I get. My favorite thing, though, is to run after my ball and prance around with it to show off after I’ve retrieved it.
Least favorite activity: I don’t like having to give up my ball after I’ve retrieved it. At some level, I understand that I have to give it up for it to be thrown again, but I don’t have to LIKE giving it back, and I don’t. So there.
Favorite Tug-a-war toy: My Skinneez raccoon!
Favorite color: I don’t think I have one, but Mom tends to choose blue collars, leads, and harnesses. I think that’s because she thinks blue looks good against my hair color. My favorite ball is also blue.
Best Friend: I love my Mom the mostest, but my sister Lizzy is an acceptable companion. I barked a lot at her when I first met her, but then I figured out how fun it is to have another poodle around. She taught me how fun it is to bark when people pass by our house! Plus, Lizzy washes my face every morning, which is kind of nice.

Yours & etc, Mr. Bingley
Post Scriptum: The photos are of: me in a staring contest with Mom; me checking out the sweet potato pie (heh, heh, heh!); and me with my blue ball.
Thank you Bingley for sharing your fun furry poodle self with us!
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